Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Domain Aftermarket for Africa?

I was just going through Sedo's weekly top sales figures and was pleased to see some domain names amongst the top 10 domain name sales, probably the only African ccTLD that makes into into international domain marketplace.

It seems to me that South Africans have a deep respect for the .za namespace and given choice, they will choose a over even .com domain names if sales figures are anything to go by. I also think it's time Nigeris's nifty .ng domain names entered the domain aftermarket due to their universal appeal. Why don't we set up an African Domain Aftermarket or country domain aftermarkets, at least in those countries that are seeing a boom in the domain name sales?

Three countries come to mind: South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. These are countries that I believe are experiencing and will continue to experience good internet growth in the future. There are people in these countries holding some high value domain names and there are people in need of those domain names. Since domaining is relatively new in Africa, people are not very familiar with the international domain marketplaces, why not create a local Aftermarket(s) to bring seller and buyer together? Am sure it would stimulate a very nice domain sales channel, especially for those dormant great African ccTLD domains! Food for thought!

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