Sunday, August 21, 2011 , Revealing my Development Idea

I am revealing this now because  I once thought of doing cointernet a favour some time back.Since .co had just hit a million registrations in June and everyone was in love with .co, I thought of registering the domain to promote .co i.e. "Keep Clicking dotCO domains!!"

I was going to feature some of the best .co websites on the worldwide web with a short description and the people behind those websites. I was going to highlight the culture of innovation on which dotCO has been marketed. Germany might be the land of ideas but on the internet, dotCO is the land of ideas.

And how was I going to monetize the dotCO traffic? By joining various dotCO affiliate programs and selling dotCO domains via my websites. I was also planning to add some Google Adsense since domains have very high CPC............but this is an idea I shelved aside to embrace newer more profitable ventures. At any rate, .co launched a very similar idea around the same time called "Under the Bulb" so I was obviously not going to beat them at their own game. Anyone interested? is up for grabs!!

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