Sunday, August 21, 2011

Green Domains: Should I venture into Green Domains

This far has domaining brought me, I have been buying domains without a solid plan but just laying my hands on anything that smells like a good domain. I have been firing on all sides without putting my interests into consideration but this has got me thinking; what if I infuse some of my passions into my domaining? Instead of buying just about anything that's highly rated and that's dropping, how about having a very narrow niche, like green? Something that's closely aligned to what I am passionate about?

Green technology, green ideas, green living, green networking, organic farming, green events, sustainability, green cities, green cars, green airlines, green revolution, global warming, green century, green decade, green era, green fuel, eco solutions, green week, green architecture, green building, green social networks like care2 and Cooltribe. Green is a broad topic and it's a topic that interests me very much. This is a niche where I could produce 100 unique articles per month that are well optimized for search engines.

There are several green web tools, useful tools that integrate well with just any website; tools like carbon footprint calculators,  green flight tools that airlines and bloggers integrate into their website, I could integrate all these and create a robust website with unique ideas on green living and that also offer users real value, exposing them to some cute green platforms and websites that they've rarely heard of.  Green is definitely rich and I am seriously thinking of going green! Happy Domaining.

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