Saturday, August 13, 2011

Libya's .Ly Domains hit the 10,000 registrations mark

Libya's .Ly Domains are some of the most popular domain names on the web, at least amongst "domain hackers", domain hacks are domain names for which the name plus the extension can be read as a whole word or a sentence. Example is plus more.

The Libyan .Ly domains is perhaps most recognizable in Twitter's URL shortener and other popular social media websites. According to the latest registration numbers, the number of .ly domains is now at around 10074 names. Contrary to what's often reported, many of the .ly domains have not been affected by the war since the .ly rootservers have been distributed across three continents but renewing domain names might be an issue since domains can only be bought via Libya Telecom and Technologies.I will have to confirm with Libyan Spider President Hadi Naser and update accordingly.

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