Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My First Adsense Cheque, How much did you make from your blog?

So are you a blogger based in Kenya or Africa? How much have you earned from Google Adsense so far? I am asking because I just received my first Adsense cheque, you can see the screenshot below. It's not much but Ksh.10,000(80 EUR) earned after four months is a good amount yeah? It can buy you for example 10 domains.

For a long time, i was what you can call the idealistic blogger, I believed i could just write about some philosophical musings about life etc and the money would pour in, like hot cakes. That thought was quickly dispelled when I earned $12 after one year of 'serious' blogging...I wanted to make money and offer something of value concurrently . I kept complaining on Twitter how adsense did not work and stuff like that, but wait, was displaying Google Adsense ads on their website, the Standard does the same, the East African and all the top websites in the world! So adsense does work after all! I convinced myself. So i went back to the drawing board; what made one blog make $100 per month another blog $0.33 per month?

After just one week of research, I launched my new blog with a vengeance! I had the roadmap to $$$$ , so now I was faced with implementation part. Since I have never had problem creating good content and drawing good traffic to a blog, my main problem was choosing the right keywords, you know, the one with high search volume and averagely high CPC; here's my roadmap to $$$:(Unfortunately, I cannot display my payment Details due to Google TOS:
  • Identify your interests: green, airlines, fashion, technology, clothing, shoes, events etc
  • Do a Keyword Research in your niche and choose high paying keywords. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool for your search.
  • Choose a domain name that describes the keyword you have chosen. For example if you love African fashion, your keyword choice can be "african fashion" and domain name like  or or
  • Be prolific: produce a lot of work, try to make it quality work but lots of work on various issues on your niche. A good output would 100 articles per month on the same niche, that would make your authority on the subject;  and when all the pages are indexed, the probability that your content will be found by a user Googling the niche increases.
Lastly, place your ads at the right place. Make them visible, the best position is inside every post.
Good luck, blog your way to $$$$

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