Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Domainers: Forget Domain parking, nothing awaits you but heartbreak

I am what seasoned domainers call a newbie but I have learnt a few tricks in the book in my last few months of domaining. For one, I am earning my money from my domains even though the earnings are quite low. I still create some of the content on my own although I hired a very creative lady who's so prolific that I am running out of cash to pay her.

Since all of my 18 domain names cost my an average of $7, GoDaddy had some incredible offers in the last few months including $1 domains!! Thank you GoDaddy. the $1 domain has already earned me 0.50 EUR in the last one month, so am almost breaking even. My aim is to break even in most of the domain portfolios within two months and then chase the profits. I can make a "profit" if I exclude the amount of work i do personally to develop and monetize those minisites and blogs I have hosted on the domains.

My first experience was to see if domain parking works for new domainers; believe me, it doesn't. In domaining, the early bird catches the worm and never lets go! So if you are late the best worms are probably taken. The idea of type-in traffic is a vestige of the old world..those who acquired the best domains some 5 to 20 years ago. For us latecomers, we must earn that elusive traffic through compelling content and hours of painstaking development work. Good luck! Anyone with a killer African domain name making some cash? Please let us know!

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