Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Register .MW Malawi Domain Names

.MW is the country code for Malawi on the Internet. Malawi's country code Top Level Domain registry is currently managed by the Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme, SDNP, headed by Dr Paul Nyirenda and the registry has proved to be pretty competent recently although it has in the past been involved in a lot of ccTLD redelegation politics and nightmare that has affected African ccTLDs in the past few years.

The .MW namespace is not restricted and anyone anywhere in the world can register .MW domains.
 Users can register domains directly under the .MW Top level domain. The following Second Level Domains can also be registered: AC.MW, BIZ.MW CO.MW, COM.MW, COOP.MW, EDU.MW, GOV.MW, INT.MW, NET.MW, ORG.MW
The most popular extensions are however .MW, CO.MW and COM.MW. There are no restrictions to register domain names within these extensions.

New domains cost $100 for the first two years but the domains can be renewed at the cost of $50 per year, after the expiry of the two years.Payments are made directly to the Malawi SDNP. Domains can be bought via SDNP website here and the process is relatively straightforward. 

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