Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Register .CO.ZM Zambia Domains

ZAMNET Communication, a Zambian ISP, is the custodian of the Zambia Country Level Domain (.zm). The Top Level country domain (i.e. ..zm.) is reserved for Zambian registered Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The other domains such as "co.zm", "org.zm", ".ac.zm", etc are available for registration to individuals and organisations. It is generally a requirement to have a local presence in Zambia to register a country domain. To register, simply download the form below, fill in the details and email it to the address provided. The application will be processed upon making payments. Payments can be through a bank transfer, Celpay(Zambian Mobile Company) or cash at the Zamnet offices. Credit card payment is currently not available. Click here to download Registration form in PDF

The archaic procedure for registering .ZM domains:
1. Download the appropriate PDF/HTML file
 2. Fill out the application form
 3. Send your form and payment
.4. Configure your PC according to Online help
And you are connected!!!

Payments can be made by transferring Money to and then faxing the the transmit receipt to Zamnet on 260 1 224775
CitiBank Lusaka
Account number 100111012

Zamnet monopolizes registrations in the .ZM namespace and inevitably, there have been complaints of abuse, graft, lack of response to users and other issues that make .ZM one of the worst ccTLDv registries in Africa. Allegations have been reported by a frustrated registrant of staff at Zamnet altering registration dates of good domain names, without notifying users with an aim of acquiring them. Read Zamnet.co

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