Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Register .ZW Zimbabwe Domains

The Zimbabwe Domain Name Registry services are provided by Zimbabwean Internet Service Providers Association, ZISPA. Users can only register third level domain names in the .ZW namespace. Registration procedure is one of the most archaic and torturous processes, perhaps only surpassed by the Guantanamo-like process of registering Ethiopia's .et domains. .ZW registrants have to write a letter, with a letterhead, in British fashion. The letter must be signed and they have provided a template here.

The potential registrant must specify the name of the domain to be registered and the name of the ISP nominated to register the domain on their behalf in the .ZW namespace, eg a letter to the ISP saying "Please register the following domain for our company/myself" 

States the .ZW Registry website: " Corporate applications must be signed by a suitably authorised person from the applicant company, and the name and position of the person must be spelt out.

The letter must be accompanied by a copy of ZISPA Terms and conditions, signed and attached to the application letter, "preferably by the same person above":

As if the torture of the domain registrant is just beginning,
"Documents should be delivered to ZISPA, 7th Floor, Gold Bridge, Eastgate, Harare or sent by fax to Harare 700363. A co.zw template with the technical details of the domain to be registered must be attached or sent separately by e-mail to ZISPA admin@zispa.org.zw."
 To crown it all, the registrant pays $137 for all their troubles of acquiring Zimbabwe's "golden domain".

Applying for a domain name in Zimbabwe is worse than applying for a passport or business license!!

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