Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Register .SZ Swaziland Doamin Names

Swazi Domains are assigned by Swaziland ISP Association(SISPA). Visit the website here http://www.sispa.org.sz/ . All Domains in the .SZ namespace are registered by SISPA.University of Swaziland oversee the management of the Swaziland domain name registry.

The Swazi namespace is one of the most "landlocked" ccTLD namespaces in Africa and only strictly local(Swazi) entities can register a domain in the .SZ namespace upon filling a PDF Form. Domains are assigned on a first come first served basis and the company has no resources to screen domain names and ensure rights are not infringed upon by users. Applicants must have nameservers prior to registering domain names; this is a common problem in African ccTLDs especially where the registry operators do not adopt the Registry/Registrar model.

Users must have a bona fide intention to use the .SZ domain names on a regular basis else they will relinquish the rights to the domain name to SISPA if its not put into use for at least 90 days. No registrations for .sz accepted, only the subdomains shown above are accepted and the .co.sz domain cost $69

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