Friday, August 12, 2011 sold for $5000 to Durni Companies

We overlooked this domain in our last roundup of the biggest sales last week, probably because this was a private sale and was not sold on Sedo. The domain name was sold to Gavin Durni's Durni Companies for a whopping $5000. Gavin Durni has invested heavily in the namespace and South Africa continues to shine in the domain aftermarkets along with Germany, UK and Colombia amongst the ccTLDs.
Dean Cannell
The domain was previously owned by Dean Cannell of Name Brand LLC, also of South Africa and a giant player in the South African domain namespace. The domain has a long history, was first registered in 1998 and has changed hands several times. We'll be monitoring this for you to see if Gavin will sell this domain or whether he has some internet real estate development plans up his sleeve. Watch this space.

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