Sunday, September 11, 2011

Domain Name Development: -Order a Beer in Brussels, Taste it in Genoa

More development ideas. I came across this great story on .EU Identity Magazine. Domains are golden, and a good domain with a good business plan is a recipe for smart money. Take example of BeerPlanet.EU, a good example on how a regional top level domain is being used to sell Belgian Beers across the European continent. The online retailer sells thousands of bottles of Belgian Beers across the continent and the world.

 The website offers the largest collection of classic Belgian Beers and exotic fruits beers from virtually every corner of Belgium.
Reports .EU Identity Magazine: is the online place to be for all beer connoisseurs from Helsinki to Cagliari. Beerplanet is now such a success that other entrepreneurs seek advice from founders Aram and Sam about how to set up similar shop concepts abroad. Like many others they have found their way into Europe thanks to .eu.

A solid business and development plan for a domain always gives handsome payoffs to an investor. To reap from domains, you must immerse yourself for the long haul, and offer something unique to users consistently. Just creating minisites and hoping for quick cash from Adsense with copied content is a non-starter. To reap from your domaining business, you must be ready to sweat, build something useful and they will come.

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