Sunday, September 11, 2011

Register .AO Angola Domain Names

Registering Angolan Domains in the .AO is relatively easy, these days especially via the Reg.IT.AO Website. Reg.IT.AO was Angola's first Domain Registrar. Domain name registration costs $217 although the price comes to 4230 when VAT is added  which is quite expensive although the prices have come down from the previous $450 and then $300 charged registrants some few years ago.

The service is also provided in English, Portuguese and French, catering for all the language grouos in Africa.
For the first time in the Angolan Internet history, the Angolan Registry has also provided an authoritative DNS server that's located within Angola, and allows Angolan Internet users to resolve their DNS queries locally instead of going all the way to Europe or United States to have it resolved.

Reg.IT.Ao is the official Registrar of Angolan domain names in the "" and "" suffixes and allows users to register and renew domain names online. In this regard, the Angola ccTLD registry is fairly advanced although the price of $230 is quite steep in a country.

The DNS check tool has been provided by the Swedish NIC. In terms of the technical operations and ease of registration of domain names, Angola scores high amongst African ccTLDs although the cost of $230 leaves a lot to be desired.

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