Saturday, September 17, 2011

.GA Gabon Domain registration: How to Register Gabon Domains

The .GA ccTLD domain names are offered by Gabon Telecom based in Libreville. Gabon has been fairly prosperous in the recent years with great oil reserves but how is the ccTLD namespace doing?  The registry websites and are inaccessible . Even the website for Gabon telecom is not accessible!

 This is a country that takes its oil too seriously to even care about building internet infrastructure. I however found that Gabonese domain names can be registered with NameISP for the price of $175 . I hope my conversion is right. Names can also be registered via the registry (inaccessible) and through firms like Bluesit and RWGUSA.

I have also found out that many websites in the .ga namespace are inaccessible, nameserver issues? I will throw back these questions to a professional in the industry from Gabon.

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