Saturday, September 24, 2011

KBO.CO.KE a Smashing Success!!!

Google's Getting Kenyan Businesses Online initiative, hosted on KBO.CO.KE has been a smashing success!!! Over 500 already hosted in just 12 days.

 It has only been 12 days since Google Kenya launched the free hosting portal KBO.CO.KE and the program has been a smashing hit with local businesses with many  SMEs, including those with established websites hosted on their own domains, creating their to cash in on the freebies.

Many Kenyan SMEs that initially relied on word of mouth marketing or posters, now have a spring in their step. offers many new window to generate sales and  leads for their business and reach the wider Kenyan market at no cost at all with the online presence.

Already, there are over 500 website profiles indexed by Google which translates to over 500 SMEs given a boost in their marketing programs in just 12 days!!(The figure could be much higher as this only includes websites indexed by Google ) The number could easily hit over 10,000 in the next 6 months to one year as user awareness increases and more Kenyan businesses come to regard as a trusted and viable business space.

Most of the business on are the true definition of SMEs, providing services from printing, design, vehicle repairs, laptop sales and repairs, mobile phone repairs, computer networking, electrical repairs, photography, bars and restaurants, clothing retailers, web design services, web hosting services

Google has come up with a truly innovative model of getting businesses to use the internet for commerce and i hope the model will be replicated across Africa to get African businesses online!

6 of my favorite websites: Laptop repairs and laptop screen repairs Delivering meals and snacks to Mombasa CBD Kids' Apparel Digital Photo Printing services in Nairobi Data collection, entry and analysis the old good GNLD products

Go to for details and sign up for your free website today!
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  1. I like this domain as it is working wonders in Kenyan business. BIGGUP! My website is and I specialize in computer services, hardware and software solutions as well as digital photography. Check it out guys! Proff.

  2. At Batian Technologies we assist you enjoy this great opportunity by making your free us on

    Thank You.

  3. great website.... i have tried them and believe me they services are as good as the their website. frankly speaking i think they are the best so far, taking into consideration that the has limitations they guys have tried to make it unique! Amos Nairobi

  4. i agree with you Amos we have tried to make it as unique as we could