Saturday, September 24, 2011

KENIC Blog: KENIC Blogging Finally!!

Is this Africa's first ccTLD blog? After months of silence and zero posts, KENIC has finally embraced the blog phenomenon, with two posts appearing two days ago. The .KE registry has been doing great this year and a blog will be a great platform to hear the views of users openly, engage and recommend action to the top echelons.

There is a reason why web users love blogs; in a cyberspace full of scripted or trashy recycled material, the blog is the final refuge of authenticity and maybe an occasional hint to give users leads on the next trends in the marketplace. KENIC wants to engage users to make "dot KE the best ccTLD in Africa". Well if you are going to do that, you have to beat hovering at around 670,000 vs combined  .KEs 18,000, you have your work cut out for you my friends. My suggestion, work on the price. I noted another interesting statistic on the blog: the chances of acquiring a name in the .COM name space is 1 in 70 million, while there is an 80% chance of getting a similar if not better name at the .KE name space!!

Also on offering .KE value to Kenyan consumers, why not launch the KENIC blog with domain promotions, for example, partner with a registrar to offer 10 free domains to any Kenyan who gives smartest business plan on how they will develop their .ke domains? That's how companies create value on social media. JetBlue Airlines used to offer cheap/free tickets via Twitter to their most passionate followers. That, my friends, is value. Return on Engagement.

Watch this space!!
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