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Reblog: Top Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Companies in South Africa Ranked

A reblog from, great insight into the top SEO Companies in South Africa.

With the current climate of the online world we all know that SEO is of the utmost importance to the success of a company, especially online. That being said, South Africa’s SEO industry, although a little behind the rest of the world, has sprung to life in recent years with more and more companies entering the competitive market of SEO.
We at SEOBlog have created our own ranking system known as SEOScore – a scoring system which we applied to some of the top SEO companies in South Africa. To qualify for SEOScore, there are certain rules and criteria that have to be met. Once this is determined, a range of specific keywords is used to test rankings in Google. Read below to see how various companies ranked and scored once the method was applied.

The Results

* Based on 15 August 2011 rankings
Download the full WebCeo results here

Additional Results

Below is a table of how each company performed based on the 15 selected keywords. For example, ranked in the top 30 for nine out of the 15 selected keywords.

The following graph shows the exact rankings for each company based on keywords.


We checked to make sure that each website met the criteria:
  • Companies are ranked on keywords gathered from the Google Adwords keyword tool, according to the most popular keywords in the SEO and paid advertising industry.
  • WebCeo was used to determine the rankings.
  • We also used WebCeo’s Ranking Score to gather the overall score for each company.

The Method

The score is made up of your position for the 15 keywords listed below. We chose these keywords based on the amount of searches done on them according to the Adword keyword tool. We also took into account the most commonly used keywords within the online marketing industry.
Keyword Search Volume
seo 60500
search engine optimization 18100
search optimization 18100
internet marketing 14800
ppc 14800
search engine optimisation 14800
search engine marketing 8100
online marketing 6600
pay per click 6600
seo company 5400
seo services 4400
ppc pay per click 3600
seo consultants 3600
search engine optimization companies 1000
search engine marketing company 4400
Then we used WebCeo’s Ranking Score with search results set to Google South Africa, and weight set to 10, to determine the final score.
The weight is a setting that WebCeo uses to determine the importance of a certain ranking or search engine. For the weight of the rankings we used WebCeo’s default settings:

This gives us the ability to set a certain weight for all keywords ranking between one and 30 and each position will have a certain score of importance. Below you can see the formula WebCeo uses to determine the scores. This was also left on default:


There were certain rules that we had to have in place for the ranking of SEOScore:
  • The company must be based in and have an office in South Africa.
  • The company needs to rank for at least two main SEO terms to qualify.

As you can see from the results – after applying the rules using guidelines and WebCeo, the top three companies are R.O.I. Media, Synergize and SEO Rankings. These results reflect how well each company ranked in Google with the respective keywords that were selected.

Every three months SEOBlog will be redoing SEOScore to see where SA’s top SEO companies are ranking in Google. The question is: who can knock R.O.I. Media, who won by some margin this time around, out of their position? Well done… enjoy your unofficial Google award! 

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