Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reblogged:: Solar Domains? Apple owner of domain name,

Mac rumors has an article that Apple is the owner of
Interesting story worth checking out.

Will this however lead to a new mass registration of domain names ?
Let's kick off with a few.

  • , darn taken already.
  • hmm taken also.
  • not taken but doesn't make any sense ;)
  • taken ofcourse. Afterall the time of big mac's willbe replaced by solar macs.
  • taken.
  • taken.
Okay i give up let's move to something not Apple related.

  • taken
  • ... taken....
  • Available !
  • darn taken again.. Sounded so usefull.
  • is still available.
Well i expect some more registrations in the solar department.
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