Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top Web Hosting Companies in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most connected countries in Africa with most of the its people enjoying internet access creating a "CyberIsland". No doubt this kind access will fuel a healthy web hosting and nameserver business and industry. As reported in a previous post, the government of Mauritius is also moving ahead with reactivation of the redelegation process of the .MU ccTLD from MUNIC to a new non-profit body. So lots of developments going here that I will be watching keenly. I have rarely interacted with Mauritians online or offline to ask them about the status of their domaining or web hosting industry but has given some clues into who controls the web hosting business in the "CyberIsland."

The following are the top ten webhosting companies in Mauritius, the list will not include cost or quality service but naturally, whoever is leading the pack must be doing something right:

1. IntNet.MU                        14.8635 % Market Share              13.9535 % Market Share
3.Speednic.US                      12.7907 % Market Share                8.9484 % Market Share             6.3195 % Market Share                    5.5612 % Market Share                         4.8028 % Market Share                 3.9939 % Market Share
9.                      2.6795 % Market Share

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