Monday, October 17, 2011

Can African ccTLDs Compete in the Online marketplace?

In my opinion and experience, African ccTLD domains are amongst the least competitive domains in the online marketplace. Not just because of the pricing but because of the low scale of development in these namespaces. There are few success stories like Kenya's .ke and South Africa's .za but all in all African domains are largely uncompetitive.

There are very few large websites hosted on domains like .ug or .et .ml. On the contrary South Africa's .za hosts some of prime websites on the web which makes the TLD etension easily recognizable/memorable in the minds of users. And this I guess increases the chance of that peculiar group of web users typing a name with into their web browser to search for content about South Africa.

Since ISPs have good access to domains and development resources, I think ISPs in Africa should be at the forefront of launching websites in their cctld namespaces targetted at the local users. More development of high ranking websites makes the TLD easily recognizable in the minds of web users, hence more competitive.

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