Monday, October 17, 2011

Facing the Absurd: The Journey on an Internet Entrepreneurship

Launching a successful internet business is one of the toughest endeavours you will ever embark on. Unofficial statistics state that of the millions of web users who launch online businesses every year, only 1% succeed. And that success is not permanent but subject to new trends, Google search engine penalties and intense competition from millions of wannabes. A little tweak in your website can take you from page one to 2 and costing you thousands or even millions of pageviews and thousands of dollars in revenues.

Yet like in every business, tenacity, consistency and sheer hardwork eventually pays off. The internet is not the place for easy money. You have to earn the money on the internet. To make money on the trillion dollar marketplace you must offer something unique. Quality accounts for everything in this marketplace. Cheap recycled material does not sell. You have to be extraordinarily original, resourceful and efficient. Then you have to be very patient. But patience must be complemented by continuous improvement in quality, be it the content, service or goods sold.

There's a category of people who make money on the internet and they have understood the secret of the internet. Content. To begin the journey on an internet enterprise, you must explore your soul and find something in which you are deeply passionate about. Then keep building this something online.

There are millions of bloggers churning out billions of articles every year. You will notice that many of the articles are almost similar showing the extent of "copy pasting" on the web. Uniqueness will set you apart. Be unique and be SEO savvy and you are on your way to success. Users love an original human voice that they can relate to; not a robotic copyblogger writing for the search engines. If you can combine uniqueness, quality and be prolific at the same time, then content alone will make you rich. But my friends, it's some work. The reason big websites make money is because they can churn out 1000 articles every week on various keywords around a niche. Chances are that you will find them whichever keywords you use to search about a particular subject in the niche. Even if those articles are read by only 50 people per week, you can see someone is already talking of over 50,000 pageviews per week. You have to be prolific!

Whichever business you will launch online, be it lead generation, blogging, ecommerce, group buying, classifieds, affiliate marketing, domain parking, domain development, domain selling, social networks, drop shipping know that you will only succeed if you fully commit your heart and time to it. Launching an internet business is facing the absurd. Sometimes, it's almost looks illogical and unreasonable. People will constntly urge you to get a "real" job.But remember there are no halfhearted attempts in the online marketplace. Believe in your product and run away with it. Face the absurd!

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