Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheapest .com Domain names for only $0.99 with 1&1

This must be the mother of all cheap domain names. Germany's giant domain registrar(Germany's GoDaddy) 1&1 is offering .com domains for only $0.99 inclusive of free private domain registration. With other registrars, such package could set you back $20 per domain.

Now this is the sweetest domain name offer I've ever seen! The last time I bought a cheap domain name, was at a GoDaddy and I paid $2.

Click the banner below and grab your $0.99 .COM domain names from 1&1 while it lasts. Other packages are also available at very recession-friendly pricing. How else would you have known :)

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  1. Excellent information I am new guy for this Domain technology. Above all the points are explained very clear mind thanks to sharing

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