Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hosting Raja: The Top Spamming Indian Hosting Company and Registrar

Hosting Raja in an Indian Domain registrar  and web hosting company; on their well designed website they refer to themselves as No.1 Hosting company in India. Well they jury is still out on that and I do not know much about Indian Domain Registrars and webhosting company.

For me and my blog colleagues, we know Hosting Raja for a more sinister practice. Spamming. Using search terms like " blog "register a domain" + "Add comment". " blog "register a domain" + "Add comment" the Hosting Raja Spam army keep arriving on the blog and posting gibberish like "Good, I like this because it's good and very useful to me" and then posting links back to Hosting Raja Website. Currently, I have to deal with at least 2-5 spam comments a day a number likely to increase as we bring in two more domain bloggers in the next month.

I do not want to install Disqus and am tired of deleting Hosting Raja comments. Can someone help?

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