Sunday, October 30, 2011

ICANN 47 Lagos? Nigeria wants to host the next ICANN meeting in Africa

The next ICANN meeting in Africa will take place from 14-19 July 2013 and already one African country has expressed an interest in hosting that meeting. The interest was expressed by a Nigerian delegate during the AFRALO general assembly in Dakar. 7 African countries  have now hosted ICANN meetings as follows:
Nigeria is one of the few "lions" of Africa yet to host an ICANN meeting. I think Mauritius could also put up a great showcase. Perhaps Rwanda? Angola maybe?  It's high time ICANN reached out to the Portuguese Africa too. Maybe Mozambique too? Botswana? If you are interested in helping ICANN make this decision, you can submit an ICANN meeting location recommendation here

ICANN meetings are the most important events in the global internet organization's calendar and occur three times every year in diverse regions in the world. It unite delegates-government representatives, civil society, registrars, registry service providers, business constituencies, academics, fellows- from all over the world to discuss policy issues of global importance in the administration of the internet . The meetings are also a social event with ample fun and networking opportunities for the ICANN community and participants. For the hosting country, ICANN meetings usually provide a platform to market the country to a large community of policy makers and observers. It also boosts the hosting country's reputation in terms of its ability to organize and host future high profile meetings.

The ICANN meeting also has unique component that I loved. Every ICANN meeting has a unique website and logo that draws from the country's culture. So far, the ICANN Dakar has had the best logo in my opinion, with nice African design and a "lion of Teranga" on top of baobab tree!

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