Saturday, November 12, 2011

African Brands wasting Money on Social Media

So says a new study by TNS Digital Life research. They spammed me some time back into taking the survey. According to the study, I will analyze quickly paragraph by paragraph as I have more important things to take care of:

"The report suggests that 57pc of social networkers in developed markets do not want to engage with brands via social media."
 To clarify this very statement, I and many consumers like me want to engage with brands but on my own terms. Which means, when I lose my luggage or have a problem with my hosting account, then I need to be able to login to Twitter or Facebook and quickly ask questions and get some help.  Of course this works fine if the brand in question has a responsive and helpful social media team that responds to clients' distress, then the clients will trust their social media presence due to its helpful nature and constantly engage with the brand when they have problems. So the above general declaration can be quite confusing. Brands need social media. As a test case, I visit at least 5 Facebook pages everyday to ask questions and hunt for promotions. What I hate is intrusive marketing; I'm the one to initiate the conversation. The task of the brand is to be available and respond in timely and helpful manner. So social media, used with the right approach, is not a waste of time, but a helpful and integral part of digital marketing.

The study also indicates that 47pc of digital consumers now comment about brands online
Not a surprise. i'm one of them.
Another statement to note is this:
“The online world undoubtedly presents massive opportunities for brands, however it is only through deploying precisely tailored marketing strategies that they will be able to realize this potential. Choosing the wrong channel, or simply adding to the cacophony of online noise, risks alienating potential customers and impacting business growth.”
"brands must still plan and manage online engagement carefully to avoid alienating consumers and doing more harm than good"
This is the last quote that I will add. I do not want to add to the "noise" on online media with needless rambling. If you are handling social media accounts for your company, this is all you need to know.

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