Friday, November 11, 2011

Cheapest .CO.KE? Sasahost Offering domains for Ksh.2000

I have been a passionate advocate for low prices for domains and will not hesitate to "reward" registrars who offer low priced domains with good coverage. I have been monitoring prices for  domains in the last week and I have been seeing some movement in the prices, finally. Prices are eventually coming down as competition heats up amongst the registrars. The best price so far has been the Sasahost's Ksh.2000(exc. VAT so the price is still Ksh.2320 actually) offer for Facebook users! Just add them as a friend here and DM them and they should give you details on the offer or you can visit the website and buy domains directly.
I have confirmed that the price change has also been reflected on their website. But this special offer they are giving is what you should not miss: 1GB Disk Space plus any .KE Domain and a 100% free pre-designed Joomla CMS website and Unlimited Emails all for  just Ksh.2500.
This is one offer that I will grab immediately and I suggest you do so while the getting is good!
Grab Ksh. 2000 .CO.KE domain here

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