Monday, November 14, 2011

A Conversation between a Christian and an atheist

I rarely comment on religious issues since religion should a very personal experience for those involved, in fact I do not comment at all, but noticing this conversation, my big mouth could not help but comment. The question of heaven and hell and God is inexplicable. As the Christian in this conversation vividly illustrates, it simply requires a supreme act of faith:

Atheist: “how do you know there is a God?”
Christian: “Because it’s in the Bible”
Atheist “Why do you use the Bible as your primary source?”
Christian: “Because it’s God’s word”
Atheist: “How do you know it’s God’s Word?”
Christian: “Because it’s in the Bible”
Atheist: “But how can you trust the Bible and not some other religious text?”
Christian: “Because the Bible is the word of God”
Atheist: “But how do you know that for sure?”
Christian: “Because it’s in the Bible”

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