Monday, November 14, 2011

How much does Tuvalu earn from .TV Domains

$2 million!!!!!!!!!!
Tuvalu is a small Polynesian Island on the verge of sinking due to global warming effects  with a population of only 10,000. One of its key exports, its ccTLD domains, nets the country some $2 million dollar annually which accounts for 10% of its revenues.

The .TV namespace has been positioned as a TLD for rich media content and many companies have a added a .TV to their domain portfolio in order to host original video content such events, corporate releases, promo videos etc. The government of Tuvalu signed a contract with Verisign in 2000 to  manage the .TV namespace for 12 years in a  deal in which Tuvalu is expected to earn $50 million over the entire period.

Now, 10% of annual revenues from virtual properties is definitely something. Domains are not diminishing resources like oil, neither are they affected by economic shocks like the manufacturing or services industry. So Tuvalu has custody of something that will last forever ensuring the survival of the small Polynesian Island(if it does not sink) 

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