Thursday, November 24, 2011

.ER ccTLD: Eritrea Could cash in on its Domain Hacks

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Eritrea has the golden domain extension .ER which is also the name of a popular American medical drama television series. A lot of English words end in .er. ER  is a suffix added at the end of an adjective to show comparison for example hard>harder, quick>quicker.  The ER suffix can also be used to convert a verb into a noun eg hunt>hunter run>runner

The Eritrean domain namespace therefore contains possibly thousands of these combinations. In the DNS industry, they are called domain hacks and are popular with domain hackers. Domain hacks refer to domain names whose domain+TLD form a full word with meaning. There are over four thousands words that end in ER in the English language alone which are likely to make Eritrea's ccTLD quite popular if the namespace was opened to global internet users. Examples include plus many more!

So over to you Eritrea, this is a chance to mint a few hundred thousand dollars to finance the operation of the ER registry :

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