Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rwandese sign petition for the Repatriation of .RW ccTLD

It seems the internet communities in Rwanda are running out of patience in the long protracted battle for the redelegation of the .RW ccTLD which is currently managed by a Swiss national of Congolese descent. Some Rwandese have been signing petitions at the country's RICTA(Rwanda ICT Association) offices to voice their support for the repatriation of the the management of the ccTLD to Rwanda.

According to IANA records, the .RW ccTLD currently has Albert Nsengiyumva of Universite Nationale du Rwanda as an administrative contact in Rwanda working in cooperation with Interpoint SARL, a company based in Switzerland with  Frederic Gregoire as the Technical Contact for .RW ccTLD. The management of small weak ccTLDs has always been subject to abuse and controversy in the absence of established governance structures and oversight, with most of the revenues lining the pockets of private interests uninterested in the development of the internet ecosystem of the countries they purport to represent.

Rwanda's ICT communities have been working for the last 6 years to put in place the technical and governance infrastructure for the hosting of ccTLD registry  in Rwanda along the lines of KENIC and other African ccTLDs managed within their countries but it seems RICTA does not have sufficient funds to get the job done. Somalia managed to complete redelegation process of the .so domain in cooperation with Japan's GMO Registry in just one year. It helps for the parties involved in this process to seek help from bodies such as ICANN's ccNSO for expert advise on how to meet the minimum requirements and fast track the redelegation process. They can also ask for financing from the government for the initial setup. The Rwandan government should be made to understand the importance of hosting that important national resource within Rwanda.  More information on ccTLD redelegation procedures,available on  IANA website.

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