Wednesday, December 7, 2011

.cd ccTLD: DR Congo's "Cool Domain"

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Cool Domain, that's the Democratic Republic of the Congo's domain registry pay off line. Cool Domain is of course a playful term coined for the abbreviations of the two letters CD, the ISO 3166 country code for the DRC. DR Congo is the land of music and it has a musical domain.

The DR Congo's ccTLD domain is .cd, a very popular two letter word in the digital age. Applications are innumerable on the world wide web and the registry is already recognizing and leveraging that to boost domain sales internationally as the registry is also operating on an open model. Domains can be registered by anyone and from anywhere in the world:

CD stands for many things, such as Compact Disc and Corps Diplomatique. With the launch of .CD Domain Names, we also launches the "Cool Domain" expression.

  • .CD really is a fresh and cool top level domain with a lot of attitude!
  • If you run a cool web site, of course you would like it to be published on the coolest top level domain!
  • If you really want to have a cool domain name and if you want to show your attitude using a domain name, you should choose .CD.

Why be .common and plain? When you can have a .CD domain!

Forget dotMUSIC, Here is .CD for your Online Music Branding Needs
According to the Congolese Network Information Centre, the .CD Domain can be used by the music industry to brand content. Forget .music(dotMUSIC); why register a .music when you can have a .cd? According to the registry some of the categories and businesses that should be using a .CD Domain to promote themselves and their products/services include the following:
  • Music Artists
  • Music Albums
  • Music label companies
  • Music genre
  • Music shops
  • Artist fan sites
  • Music sites
  • Music Download sites 
  • Music Streaming websites etc
Use of .CD Domains in the CD Based Industry
The .CD zone is also ideal for companies in the Compact Disk Industry that want to wear their brands on their "sleeves" on the internet. These can include software, music, corporate marketing content, CDs for games etc.

.CD for Safe Sex
The .CD Cool Domain namespace can also be used on innovative names of websites promoting safe sex amongst teenagers and young adults. The uses of .CD are really limited only by our imagination. The domains cost $65, still much cheaper than .XXX and you help in building registry and economy of a country that has come out from years of trauma. REGISTER .CD Domains Here

.CD in action!!!!
 Some cool .CD websites on the web include:
  • : site to offer young people in N. Ireland a magazine style site that addresses their needs and    interests based on collaboration
  • :Girl Games - Play dress up games, fashion games, makeover games and much more! 
  • : A Swedish success story with numerous nr #1 gold and platinum selling records.
  • : An intreresting domain hack "abcd". Used as a URL Shortener.
  • : STALKER MAGAZINE inside out of rock´n´roll Rezensionen Interviews Musik
  • : Free downloads centre
  •  This is really the coolest thing I have seen on the web, you better check this up yourself.
  • Pop/Rock Music Forum, hugely popular  
  • Download high quality sheet music by classical and contemporary composers for any instrument and ensemble from legal sheet music digital library.
  • Riviera is a premier full service studio facility for music, sound & post-production.   

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