Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 easy ways to make money on the internet

I have been asked this question very many times and this post has been inspired by post by Atim,com who embarked on a quest to be a "Super Blogger" i.e. the self sufficient blogger who makes thousands of dollars purely by blogging. Think of ProBlogger, that's a "Super Blogger." Good Bloggers make good money, in fact according to Technorati, bloggers make an average of $6000 per year from blogging, so if you are making $200 per year on your blog, you are definitely performing far much below par.

As manufacturing moves to Asia from many Western countries, and as cheap broadband comes to Africa, an internet boom is happening of sorts in these regions. More populations are looking to the internet as a source of income. In Africa, erstwhile unemployed look at the internet as new found opportunity to escape unemployment and poverty. The same obtains for the erstwhile employed in Western countries particularly the United States. The internet has become a trillion dollar marketplace but can it sustain so many dreams and expectations?My brother likes to tell me that if I want to be a millionnaire, I must build something with a chimney that produces a smoke, that the idea of making money on the internet is just an illusion.

But is it an illusion really? Too an extent it can be an illusion depending on the person. The internet sustains so many lives but if you lack the skills to build something compelling online, a tool or ecommerce interface, you can still make money on the internet with very low level of skills. Here are few of the easiest ways to make money on the internet:

1.Earn money writing and other freelance tasks by joining Websites like etc If you deliver the assignments in time, you can earn good amount, far more than Adsense.

2.Domains: Buy and sell domains.You must be good in identifying good dropping domains, buy them quickly and hold them or park them. Various registrars usually have promos, for example GoDaddy normally sells domains for $1 during promos. This is the time to buy lots of domains and park them. Very soon, someone might come knocking with a dream quote for one of your domains.

3.Become Content Developer: Another "easy" way is to identify your strengths and do keyword research on high paying keywords. Buy domains that closely match these keywords and build content around them. if you can develop 15 websites for high paying keywords and add content and do some SEO for one year, then I think you can begin to see good and sustainable income coming to you via Adsense.

4.Generate Leads for Companies: This is easier done with your ccTLD. Register domains like etc and then build small optimized websites and add a sign up form on the home page. You can sell the leads you generate to companies that need these clients.

5.Affiliate Marketing: Sign up with Commission Junction and pick banners that match your niche. You will be surprised at how easily they sell to a global audience that's just not browsing the internet, but looking for deals online.

If you can't invent a new PayPal, or Google or NetFlix or Zemanta or Facebook, then these are the "easiest ways" that I know for making money online. Now, there are hundreds of millions of people trying to do these on the internet, what will separate the wheat from the chaff is the dedication you put into it and the unique content that you offer web users.

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