Friday, December 9, 2011

KENIC Offering .ME.KE December Domain Promo

KENIC will be promoting its least successful Second level Domain(SLD) in December. Offer runs from 9th December to 31st December and will involve users getting  a domain name, a email and a personal website all for Ksh.999. Personal branding is the latest fad on the web nowadays with many opting for Montenegro's .me domain to create personal online profiles. I already have my .me and!

KENIC created the in 2009 for Kenyans interested in creating online personal profiles in .ke namespace so it's about ME and Kenya! In other words "I'm Kenyan and this profile is about ME." did not really catch on and so far only 241 domains(as of today) have been registered in the last two or so years. So maybe this promotion will get things moving. I hope the website is not KBO :)

Here is the marketing release from KENIC:
Brand yourself with a domain name this festive season
Did you know that the use of domain name can provide a unique identity for you on the Internet space, hence giving you personal branding advantage and by extension a competitive edge in the market compared to generic names ? 

Are you also aware that the use of domain name has the effect of improving your personal image and creates greater opportunities for business, provides distinct and fast access on the Internet due to the .KE identity , uniqueness and above all protecting your name space on the internet

When people go to search for you, what comes up? If you don't have a domain name or haven’t built a website for yourself, then other people will control your brand. You need to create a website under your full name (e.g so that you know what people will find when they search for you and you will be proud of it. You would be surprised by how many people will search for your name as a way to learn more about your business or vocation. This is therefore an opportunity to give people multiple ways to learn about you.

Your personal website should promote and link back to your business website and should have links to your social network profiles, a professional headshot, press links, articles you’ve written, a bio and depict you as an expert in your field. This way, your online presence will have all the assets your customers or peers need.

Key Benefits
DISTINCT: You will get a domain name that is distinct
UNIQUE: You will get a customized email address
PERSONAL website

This offer runs from 9th December to 31st December 2011 all at a discounted price of Kshs. 999/-.VAT Incl.
Please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager Mr. Dick Waswa for more information on how to brand yourself this festive season on

For more information, contact KENIC Marketing and Communications Manager Mr Dick Waswa(admin[at]

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