Friday, December 9, 2011 The domain Appraisal Scam that refuses to go away, more scam victims

It seems some people are still falling for this scam which has now been well documented on the web. At first domain owners received an email from a company called Brand Name Service LLC with an email from ; the name on the left of "@" changes every week so it could be Marc Lorenz, George Petersen etc.

Then just more than a month ago it changed to Domain Boutique with emails from "Presidents" but the methods remained pretty similar. In the month of December,the scums have "mutated" again. An email like this initiates the process. The latest email comes from but expect the names to change throughout the month as they target those who are greedy and less diligent in their online operations. Like in the previous case, the domain forwards to a legitimate domain registration and webhosting business or website, in this case a webhosting reviews website called WebHosting Clue so if you are less diligent, you might duped into believing that you are dealing with a  legit business. From Domain Tools, the domain was recently updated in November, not sure whether it was a registration, renewal or transfer.

If you need full information on this scam, and the experiences for those who have been scammed or those who narrowly escaped the scam, please read the links below. There is so much information on the internet, do your fact checking before rushing to throwing away $50 which they now charge per domain to perform "domain appraisal" at . This scam is well known but there is always the next guy :)

BrandNameService: Beware of this Domain Name Sale Scam

Domain Boutique Scam: Beware of the latest Domain Sale Scam

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