Saturday, December 17, 2011

Libya's .LY Registry extends Redemption Period for Expired Domains

Libya's .LY Registry has extended the redemption period for expired .LY domains until next year. I'm not sure when this came into effect but if you own a .LY domain., no need to worry about the deletion of your domains; still one last chance to redeem them.

.LY registry was operational during the early days of the war but soon succumbed to the Libyan war and many requests went largely unanswered. The registry was also dragged into the propaganda war with speculations that proceeds from .LY domain registrations were being reinvested in Gaddafi's war machine.

The registry website was even hacked by some miscreants supporting the rebel NTC's cause.Now that the war is over, an opportunity to rebuild Libyan domain namespace in a  neutral atmosphere and with professional management  to serve both the Libyan and global internet community.

Here is a message from ::

"Due to the exceptional circumstances that Libya has witnessed lately, and in order to grant all our registrants a fair opportunity to renew their domains, has extended the redemption period for all expired .ly domains until the end of this year 2011"

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