Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mobile DNS: Integrating the Mobile into the Domain Name Services Industry in Africa

One of Africa's recent success stories has been the mobile and its integration into almost every business and money transfer processes. Many airlines I know now use SMS to interact with passengers, informing them of flight status, flight schedules, menu and so on while earning additional ancillary revenue.

Given Africa's massive over-reliance on Mobile, I think it's time to launch Mobile SMS marketing in the DNS Industry on the continent. Where could Mobile and DNS Converge? I have thought of a few suggestions where mobile short codes could be used successfully in domain promotions, management and marketing:

Mobile Domain Promos: Customers can SMS you to get special coupons that they can redeem during the domain name registration process.

Mobile Whois: Customers can SMS a domain name they are interested in to a number say 56444 to check if the domain is available. The registrar can then reply automatically with information on the availability of the domain, including more domain suggestions and information ion how to register their domain via mobile using the Mobile Business numbers that are increasingly becoming popular, especially with Kenya Registrars.

Mobile Domain Name Management Services: Customers can subscribe to registrar mobile domain management services which can be scaled to almost every need. For example, they can get notifications via SMS when their domains are about to expire with customers choosing the frequency and timing of the notifications via the registrar interface; customers can monitor when some domains will expire and  set SMS alerts; notification when registrar has  domain promos coming soon and so much more.

The mobile can be integrated into every processes of the DNS industry to give the customers greater conveniences while the registrars are able to earn extra ancillary revenues from their services. It's upon registrars to get creative and create customized mobile solutions for customers with clear terms nd conditions which customers can willingly opt to while remaining in control of their expenses.

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