Thursday, December 22, 2011

Open SRS adds 100 new ccTLDs, Some of the African ccTLDs included

Tucows has added 100 new ccTLDs to its platform through its OpenSRS reseller network. This means more ccTLDs will now get more exposure through the storefronts of Tucows 12,000 strong reseller network around the world. Here is the PR from OpenSRS/Tucows:

 Today we enabled a huge number of new ccTLDs available through OpenSRS.
A few months back we announced that we acquired the German registrar EPAG. The reason for the acquisition was that we wanted to significantly bolster our lineup of country-code top-level domains. Today’s release is the first round of new ccTLDs that we’ll add as a result.
In total, there are over 100 new ccTLDs in the first round (including both second and third level domains). From a geographic perspective, we’ve now offer ccTLDs for nearly 80 countries.
Some of the more popular new extensions:

  • Poland: .pl
  • New Zealand: .nz
  • Isle of Man: .im
  • South Africa: .za
  • Malaysia: .my
  • Peru: .pe
  • Tonga: .to
  • Israel: .il
  • Korea: .kr
 This will make Tucows a notable ccTLD retailer.India's ResellerCulb offers only about 50 TLDs in total across its 55,000 strong  reseller network; Instra Corporation offers almost all the ccTLDs imaginable. OpenSRS is still woking on integrating all other ccTLDs from the German Registrar it acquired recently so expect to see even more ccTLDs in the OpenSRS network next year. The African ccTLDs that have already been enabled on the OpenSRS network include:

ccTLDCountryPrice2nd Level3rd Level
.cdCongo (Democratic Republic of)$90Yes
.shSaint Helena$60Yes
.stSao Tome and Principe$45Yes
.zaSouth Africa$

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