Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hamza Aboulfeth at TEDx Casablanca

Genious Communications founder Hamza Aboulfeth was giving talk at TEDx Casablanca this week about the Genious Communications, accreditation and domain names plus more. I wished to hear the talk but unfortunately, it's in French so I will get a friend to translate it and post it on the blog. For our blessed multilingual friends, enjoy the talk!

Genious Communications was the fifth ICANN Accredited Registrar in Africa and the first ICANN Accredited Registrar in the Maghreb region. Hamza is 25 years old and began reselling domains and offering various DNS and hosting services  in his teens so this is quite an inspiring story of success for Morocco, the Maghreb region and Africa as a whole. For the African domain resellers out there, keep fighting hard. One day you will be ICANN Accredited Registrars! Good luck :)

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