Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why you should be cautious with the "FREE TRIALS" of online Products

This hit me the hard way. Some eCommerce Companies have come up with new unethical ways to lure/force consumers to purchase their products online. A good example is Network Solutions and its  Facebook Fan Page Marketing product by North Social.

What the companies offer you is this: you try the product for specific  period say 3 weeks or 1 month but when you begin the trial, you MUST enter your credit card number. By agreeing to the trial period, you also agree to their Terms and Conditions automatically(who reads all these for "small" purchases?). To let your guard down they give you a message like this:
Payment information is required for all transactions. By entering payment information your card will not be charged at this time. Keeping a valid payment method on file will ensure your services remain uninterrupted should you choose to purchase at the end of your term.

 The problem is that you will not be allowed to "choose". When the trial period expires, they will choose for you and automatically debit your credit for the full amount! In fact, you will not even get an email that the trial period is about to expire. You will only get an invoice.You can imagine the predicament of an online marketer who spends their time "tasting" the various online products before making their minds. You can't possibly keep track of all the expiry dates of the products you are tasting so without reminders, you are doomed.You will be forced to pay for a product you don't really need and start figuring out how to use something you had really not planned on purchasing to avoid your hard earned cash going to waste.

And remember, there are "no refunds for products with Free Trials". That's in the Terms and Conditions which you will be forced to read after your cash pool has taken a good deal of damage! Take care with the "Free 14 Day Trial" "Free One Month Trial" product "offers". Unless you really intend to buy them or have a superhuman memory to remember the date and time of expiration, you run the risk of paying for something you don't really need.

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