Thursday, January 26, 2012

Comment Period Opens for ICANN's Inter Registrar Transfer Policy Part B PDP

New Improvements in Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

The customary Comment Period has opened for ICANN's Inter Registrar Transfer Policy(IRTP) Part B Policy Development Process for the recommendation 9 which deals with a new provision to lock and unlock domain names. The recommendations have already been adopted by the gNSO and the internet stakeholders, including you, will be given an opportunity to provide input before the recommendations plus comments go to the ICANN Board for consideration.

The proposed modifications include:
  • Registrar may only impose a lock that would prohibit transfer of the domain name if it includes in its registration agreement the terms and conditions for imposing such lock and obtains express consent from the Registered Name Holder: and
  • Registrar must remove the "Registrar Lock" status within five (5) calendar days of the Registered Name Holder's initial request, if the Registrar does not provide facilities for the Registered Name Holder to remove the "Registrar Lock" status
Ramifications on your domains: You get greater say on when your domain should be locked, the Registrar must get your consent to lock your domains and secondly, registrars MUST provide functionality for you to remove Lock Status or respond to your "remove" lock request within 5 days.

These recommendations will replace "denial Reason 7" meaning registrars will no longer be able to prevent you from transferring your domains to another registrar because they are in lock status. More power to domain registrants!!!

Comment Period closes on 13 February 2011. Make your Comments Here

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