Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WhosWho.co.ke: Naspers to launch a Kenyan People Directory

South African multinational media company Naspers has a new project up its sleeve in Kenya. The media giant will soon launch WhosWho.co.ke, a reputation and professional networking platform for Kenya, featuring thousands of biographies across various fields of expertise. Membership on the WhosWho Directory will be free to all Kenyan professionals.

Given the relative success of Naspers Dealfish and Mocality in the Kenyan market, expect WhosWho.co.ke (Who is Who Kenya) to be another smashing success, at least in the number of members. I see a potential of even a million Kenyan professionals joining this network with good marketing or maybe am too optimistic. But Kenya's definitely the next frontier internet market.

Naspers already has a successful online people directory in South Africa called Who is Who Southern Africa www.whoswho.co.za The Kenyan directory will be the second in Africa by the media giant and as expected
, more roll out will follow soon in other key African internet markets like Ghana and Nigeria.

With 10 million users on the cyberspace, Kenya's netizens are literally crying out for content and local internet services. Internet investors should get in while the getting is good; the consumer internet industry is still an unexploited niche in this country and continent.

P.S. Supersearch.co.ke is another interesting concept for professional networking but I doubt whether the tiny start-up will be a match for Naspers million dollar Adwords marketing war chest.

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