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"Complete" List of Expected New gTLD Applications

New gTLDs applications opened on 12 January 2012. Here is a complete list of the new gTLD applicants who have already gone public with their new gTLD initiatives.

  • .AFRICA(dotAfrica) .AFRIQUE and .AFRIQYA  Proposed new Top Level Domain for African and Pan African communities. Project Website 
  •  .AAA  Project website:
  •  .AIGO(dotAIGO) This will be a .brand Application for AIGO Digital Technology Company. Project Website
  •  .ALMAGHRIB(dotAlMaghrib): Proposed new Top level Domain for the Maghreb region. IDN? Applicant is Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT)
  • .AMOUR(dotAMOUR)  This will be another .brand application from France.  Project website here
  • .AND(dotAND) Proposed new Top Level Domain for the Andalusian community
  •  .APP(dotApp)   Top Level domain name for Apps. Project website
  • .ARAB(dotARAB) Proposed Top Level Domain for the Arab and Pan Arab communities. LAS to apply with support from ITU.
  • .ARTIST(dotArtist) : The Top Level domain name for artists
  • .ATHENS(dotAthens) Proposed .city new gTLD project for the city of Athens.  
  •  .BANK(dotBank) Proposed new Top Level domain name for banks. Domain Security Company LLC will be applying to create the .Bank Top Level Domain in the upcoming ICANN application process.
  •  .BASEL(dotBASEL) Proposed Top Level Domain name for the city of Basel, Switzerland 
  • .BAY(dotBAY) : Does not seem to be a serious application.
  • .BAYERN(dotBayern) Proposed Top Level Domain for the state of Bavaria in Germany. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. Two applicants for the new gTLD: and
  •  .BCN(dotBCN) Proposed Top Level Domain name for the city of Barcelona Project Website
  •  .BERLIN(dotBerlin) : Proposed Top Level Domain for the city of Berlin. In future, with .berlin® domains, companies, private individuals and organisations will be able to register Internet addresses such as or The company dotBERLIN® represents all Berliners in applying for the .berlin top-level domain so as to provide the basis for Berliners and their organisations to register their own domains with the ending .berlin.Two applicants for the new gTLDs and
  •  .BET(dotBET)  The top Level Domain for Gambling websites and companies in the gambling business, iGaming services websites and more
  • .BHARAT(dotBharat)
  • .BIKE(dotBike)
  • .BKK(dotBKK)  Proposed Top Level Domain name for the city of Bangkok, capital of  Thailand. Not much is known about this "new gTLD initiative" .
  • .BOARD(dotBoard) Top Level Domain name for snowboarders? Doesn't seem to be a serious new gTLD initiative.
  • .BOG(dotBOG) Proposed Top Level domain name for the Colombian city of Bogota. Maybe .Bogota(dotBogota) could have been more sensible :)
  • .BOSTON(dotBoston) Top Level Domain name for the city of Boston
  • .BOURGOGNE(dotBourgogne) For the Burgundian Region and Culture in France. Perhaps the domain could also be used to market the fine wine from this region:)
  • .BUD(dotBud) Top Level Domain name for the Hungarian city of Budapest. This will be a city gTLD
  • .BZH(Bzh) Proposed Top Level Domain name for Brittany Domains for the Brettons, a community TLD application.
  • .CAL(dotCal) Top Level Domain for Calendar publishing businesses? I doubt
  • .CALIFORNIA(dotCalifornia) Proposed Top Level Domain name for the US state of California Project managed by Alexander Schubert.
  • .CANON(dotCanon)  .Brand Top Level Domain for Japanese company Canon with GMO Registry as Registry backend provider.
  • .CAPETOWN : Proposed for new gTLD for the city of Cape Town.
  • .JOBURG:
  • .PRETORIA: Proposed new gTD for Pretoria? But Pretoria is now called Tshwane. Tricky business here.
  • .CAR(dotCar) Top Level Domain name for cars and car fans. "While the primary focus is to give motorists the ability to surf the Web in their vehicles, there are other key issues for automakers involved in the scope of this initiative,"
  • .CHICAGO(dotChicago) Proposed Top Level Domain name for the city of Chicago
  • .CHINA(dotChina) IDN
  • .CLUB(dotClub) Proposed Top Level Domain name for clubs:  .CLUB Domains LLC strongly believes one group being underserved by the current top level domains are clubs and associations. Clubs have unique needs that are not served well by .com or even .org. This is primarily due to relevant domains being taken by corporate interests or domain speculators leaving poor  options for clubs to use as their domain today. Clubs need a great domain that represents and reflects who and what they stand for.
  • .CONTRACT(dotContract)
  • .CYMRU(dotCymru) Proposed Top Level Domain name for the Welsh Community dotCYMRU have endeavoured for years to engage the Welsh Government and its officials in the exciting opportunity for a new top-level domain (TLD) for Wales and the Welsh community worldwide.
  • .DALLAS(dotDallas) : Proposed Top Level Domain name for the city of Dallas.
  • .DELOITTE(dotDeloitte) : Proposed .Brand Application for Deloitte.
  • .DENTAL(dotDental) Proposed Top Level Domain name by the international dental community. The International Dental Community is made up of Dental Providers, Societies, Oral Health Educators, Schools, Dental Supply and Technology Vendors, Consultants, Brokers, Dental Business Professionals, Dental Charitable and Non Profit Organizations, and others.  As a member of the Dental Community, you have an opportunity to participate in a new home for this community on the web.
  • .DUBAI(dotDubai) Proposed Top Level Domain for the city Dubai. Application to be submitted by Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Authority
  • .EAC(dotEAC) : Proposed Top Level Domain for the East African Community.
  • .EARTH(dotEarth)
  • .ECO(dotEco) There are two applicants for .ECO(dotECO) Top Level domains in a fierce contest to control internet's eco-friendly domain names. Websites and email addresses ending in .eco will enable individuals to express their support for environmental causes, companies to promote their environmental initiatives and environmental organizations to maintain their websites in a namespace that is more relevant to their core missions. By charter and mission, the majority of the profits of the .eco initiative will be distributed to non-profits to support environmental causes. The Minds and Machines backed DotEco LLC recently lost an important endorsement from Al Gore. The other .ECO bid is by Big Room and has the backing of the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Before Al Gore withdrew his endorsement, and due to the personalities involved, the .ECO contest was being compared to the Cold war rivalries between US and the USSR
  • .EGO(dotEgo)
  • .EGYPT(dotEgypt) IDN
  • .EMARAT(dotEmarat) IDN
  • .ENG(dotENG) .ENG Domain for England. A domain name for the English. As you know, the .uk is an umbrella TLD for the Welsh, the Scots and the English. Now the English want their own unique domain .ENG . This new gTLD initiative is repartitioning Europe :)
  • .EUS(dotEUS) Proposed Top Level domain name for the Basque language and culture. The Basque Language is Euskara.
  • .FLORIDA(dotFlorida) Proposed Top Level Domain name for Florida From project website:
    “.florida” domains will be open for usage to anyone: Businesses, individuals, organizations and of course for the government. Whether it’s ““ for Florida related searches, “www.starbucks.florida“ for everything Florida in Starbucks, ““ for the great city or simply “www.captainmiller.florida“ for a small business on the Keys: A new, unspoiled land in the Internet: Only for Floridians!
  • .FOOD(dotFood)
  • .FRA(dotFRA) A top level domain name for the French speaking communities. A few days ago I wrote about the possibility of applying for .French new gTLD for the French speaking communities globally. Well, we already have a .FRA new gTLD initiative for all the French speakers globally. 
  • .FREE(dotFREE) Top Level Domain namespace that will offer free domains to web users. Domain  applicant is a Czech company DotFree Group
  • .FRIENDS(dotFriends)  A vibrant Facebook page, nothing close to domain names or new gTLDs
  • .GAL(dotGAL): Proposed Top Level Domain name for the Galician Community which currently numbers about 4 million globally. The Galicians  are an ethnic group and nationality, whose historical homeland is Galicia in north-western Spain.. Community TLD Application
  • .GENT(dotGent) Top Level Domain for the Belgian city of Ghent. Why not .Ghent? Perhaps Ghent is English? Proposed Top Level Domain name for the city of Ghent. Ghent is the capital of Flanders and this city new gTLD might also go "hand in hand" with .VLX for Flanders.
    Any new gTLD initiatives from Wallonia?
  • .GMBH(dotGmbh) Some 1.2 million companies in the German Speaking world use the GMBH as an official legal form to signify their business. Globally some hundred million companies use an official legal form to signify their business – CORP, EPE, GMBH, INC, LLC, LTD, SAS, SNC, SPE, OOO, SPRL are among the most popular abbreviations. For instance, from over 16 million LTD companies worldwide, the UK accounts for 2.5 million LTD companies only, 150 LTDs are founded each hour in the UK. Comparably the GMBH form is used by over 1.2 million companies in the German speaking countries. Among the over 23 million corporations in the the United States the legal form of a LLC or INC is used by millions of companies. 
  • .GREEN(dotGreen) : DotGreen’s proposed new Top Level Domain, .green, will create an income stream to fund, support and champion environmental programs and projects in all regions of the world.
  • .HEALTH(dotHealth): The medical new generic Top Level Domain name. From the project website: The goal and mission of the project is to respond first of all to the request expressed by ICANN to propose a generic Top Level Domain .health with a global and community based focus. It is not the intention of the consortium to go for financial benefit, but to generate the required technical structure, to build up the necessary legal processes and to integrate all medical staffing and related structures in this project. As both organisations have the necessary skills and relationships, ISfTeH being the representative partner in tele-medicine and e-Health, ISOC Belgium representing the policy and technical aspects related to the Internet world and the Internet user (being an ALS inside the ICANN structure), we are confident in expressing the desire to start off this project.
  • .HIV(dotHIV) : The HIV Domain or the Red Ribbon Domain. A domain name to raise awareness about HIV and to help fight HIV/AIDS. From the .HIV website: "We want to use the power of the Internet to bring the virus back into the mind of the people and create a completely new way of generating donations by selling the domain-ending .hiv as an interesting product. Our goal is to create a new and unique form of non-profit business rather than a conventional charity. .HIV works similar to the normal red ribbon: A company buys the domain-ending .hiv to show solidarity with the fight against the virus. But whereas the red ribbon is a conventional charity-item, .hiv is a new form of social business: The donated money fills a pool of funds and with every click on a .hiv-website, the Internet users redirect a small amount of money to a charity of their choice. Of course the content of the site remains the same: and will not differ.  
  • .HOME(dotHOME) : DotHome (.HOME) is the proposed generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Name and TLD Internet/Web Address Extension for home-related websites and entities such as property realtors and real estate agents. Project website:
  • .HONGKONG(dotHongKong): IDN Top Level Domain name for the city state of Hong Kong.
  • .HORSE(dotHorse): Proposed generic Top Level Domain for horse lovers, seriously :)  From the project website: The Dot Horse Project is an initiative to promote the acceptance and implementation of the top-level domain .horse.
    The .horse namespace will provide a safe, reliable internet community for all things equine — where anyone involved with the sport, business, or enjoyment of horses can communicate and share trusted news, information, and ideas. We feel strongly that the top-level domain “.horse” should be owned, operated and regulated by those in the horse industry — horse lovers who work closely with and truly care about the well-being, safety, and advancement of these magnificent animals.
  • .HOTEL(dotHotel): Proposed generic Top Level Domain name for hotels and hotel business. From project website:
    .hotel is a new top-level domain extension (such as .com or .us) which is exclusively dedicated to hotels, their organizations and the hotel business worldwide.
    .hotel will enable members of the hotel community to register valuable domain names such as www.adlon.hotel, or www.beach.hotel from next year onwards. The .hotel top-level domain will help to solve existing challenges in a strongly growing online hotel business. 
    The HOTEL® Top-Level-Domain GmbH, a Berlin based company, will apply for this domain name.  International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA), and the German Hotel Association (IHA e.V.) have already endorsed this initiative.
  • .INDIGI(dotIndigi)
  • .INNOVATE(dotInnovate)
  • .IRAN(dotIran) IDNTop Level Domain name for Iran
  • .IRISH(dotIrish) : A new gTLD for the Global Irish Community: Web addresses such as, or can become innovative tools for the more than 75 million individuals and companies worldwide who identify themselves as Irish to communicate and connect with friends, family or customers. Project Website
  • .ISIN(dotIsin):  TLDC-ISIN is an open special purpose vehicle by Top Level Domain Consulting. Our key goal is to acquire the top level domain .isin and make it accessible to the international financial community. TLDC-ISIN is based on the opinion that each financial security should have its own homepage and that financial information provider and seeker should communicate via web services for information about the security.TLDC-ISIN is currently 100% owned by Top Level Domain Consulting (TLDC).Project Website
  • .ISTANBUL(dotIstanbul): Top Level Domain name for the city of Istanbul in Turkey. 
  • .JEWELERS(dotJewelers): Proposed Top Level Domain name for Jewelery Industry including including both wholesale and retail sales, repairs, custom design, marketing, store management, business consulting for the jewelery industry. Project website
  • .KAB(dotKab): This is one of the few new gTLD initiatives from Africa. .KAB(dotKab) is the proposed new generic Top Level domain for the Kabyle people of Algeria.  The Kabyle are the largest homogeneous Algerian ethno-cultural and linguistical community and the largest nation in North Africa to be considered exclusively Berber. Their traditional homeland is Kabylie (or Kabylia) in the north of Algeria, one hundred miles east of Algiers. Since the beginning of the 20th century, they have also had a strong presence in the Algérois (Algiers region). Around 40% of Algiers's population is Kabyle. It's no wonder that the Kabyle also want a Top Level domain name! 
  • .KER(dotKER):  Proposed Top Level Domain for Kernow or Cornwall in the UK
  • .KIDS(dotKids): DotKids(.Kids) was initially applied for in the first new gTLD round by four applicants including the ICM Registry, DotKids Inc, .KIDS Domains Inc and BlueBerry Hill Communications Inc. According to one of the project proposals : "DotKids, Inc. (DotKids) requests the .kids TLD. The application implicitly attempts to restrict content across the TLD and targets a more narrow group of registrants. The targeted end user base, kids and their families, is very broad. Accordingly, DotKids qualifies for the general purpose category and restricted content group."In November 2000, the ICANN staff rejected the .kids Top Level Domain and the project was abandoned altogether. It's not known whether there will be an applicant for .Kids in this new application round although a Russian Company has already expressed an interest to apply for .kids Russian IDN Domains specifically targeted at young Russians and organizations involved with kids.
  • .KIWI(dotKiwi) : This is an interesting string and I'm not surprised some organization has expressed an interest in .KIWI. DOT KIWI LIMITED will apply for .KIWI Domain for Kiwis(New Zealanders). According to Dot Kiwi CEO Tim Johnson, "I was keen to provide a way for New Zealanders around the world to connect and claim their Kiwiness online. I could also see a great opportunity to provide on-going financial support for the re-building of Christchurch – one of New Zealand's most beautiful cities and my hometown." Former ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush who caused a furore by accepting a directorship at Minds and Machines just weeks after serving his term at ICANN is also one of the directors of DOT KIWI Limited.  The earthquake angle is a cheap shot but I think .kiwi domains will be quite popular, who doesn't love kiwis?
  • .köln(dotKöln ) : Proposed generic Top Level Domain name for the German city of Cologne. This will be another of Germany's numerous city and state new gTLD applications. Köln is Germany's fourth largest city and the largest city in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia. An interesting point is that North-Rhine Westphalia will also apply for its new generic Top Level Domain .NRW(dotnrw).
  • .KOREA(dotKorea): Proposed IDN Top Level Domain name for the Republic of South Korea.
  • .KURD(dotKurd) : Proposed Top Level Domain for the Kurdish Community. A domain extension for the Kurdish people and Kurdish language has been a vision of many pioneering networking/scholarly communities such as ZKURD, KurdITgroup, KOSC , KAL, Kurdistanica and others. We with support of many Kurdish communities campaign for allocating .KU/.KUR/.KURD top domain names for Kurdish communities on cultural and linguistic as well as regional bases. Project Website
  • .LAC(dotLAC): Originally the proposed generic Top Level Domain name for South America but seems the project was abandoned for a community application .LAT for the Latin American Communities globally. 
  • .LANKA ILANGAI : IDN Top Level Domain name for Sri Lanka
  • .LAT(dotLAT): Proposed Top Level Domain name for the Latin American Community globally. NIC Mexico, Federation of Latin-America and the Caribbean for the Internet and Electronic Commerce (eCOM-LAC) to submit joint application. .LAT(dotLAT) on Wikipedia
  • .LAW(dotLaw): dotLaw requests the .law TLD. The application targets a limited registrant base defined exclusively by the registrants affiliation with the legal market. The targeted end user group is large. Accordingly, dotLaw qualifies for the general purpose category and restricted commercial group.
  • .LLI(dotLLI): Proposed Top Level Domain for the Leonese Language and Culture. The Leonese language is spoken by 25,000 people in the Spanish provinces of Leon, Zamora and the Portuguese district of Bragança. Leonese is recognised by the UN as "Seriously Endangered".  Applicant will be Leonese Language and Leonese Culture
  • .LOVE(dotLove) : The Domain for Love. From project website:
    dot.Love enables love at a collective level. It is a bridge between the virtual world and the real world to promote love globally and locally.
    In pursuing this mission dot.Love promotes love and caring for others globally and locally by donating financial resources to people and organisations that share our vision. dot.Love is a philanthropic organisation that plans to raise funds through the distribution of generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) names. The right to distribute gTLD names is granted through application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). dot.Love will make application to ICANN for this purpose. dot.Love is a private not-for-profit association organised in Brisbane Australia under Queensland state law.
  • .MAIL(dotMail): Proposed Top Level Domain name for Mail services on the internet. .MAIL Top Level Domain might be popular with the international eMail services providers like Yahoo, Microsoft or (soon) Facebook, that, with a .mail TLD, might register and own some very simple, easy and short .mail domains like Y.mail, Hot.mail, FB.mail.
  • .MED(dotMed): Proposed Top Level Domain name for the Mediterranean Region. Application by the Mediterranean Federation of Internet Associations (FMAI)
  • .MELBOURNE(dotMelbourne): Proposed city Top Level Domain Name for the Australian city of Melbourne.
  • .MIAMI(dotMiami): Proposed generic Top Level Domain name for Miami.
  • .MLS(dotMLS): A proposed generic Top Level Domain namespace for the Multiple Listing Services. MLS Domains Association to apply for .MLS new gTLD. From the project website: In the U.S. the terms ‘multiple listing service’ and ‘MLS’ aren’t registered trademarks that only MLSs can use–which means that in the online world, everyone wants to use ‘MLS’ in domain names. Why?  Because consumers have come to understand that those three letters represent the gold standard for accurate, up-to-date property information.
  • .MMA(dotMMA): Generic Term. Mixed Martial Arts. Project website is currently not available.
  • .MOSCOW(dotMoscow): .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА (IDN TLD can be translated “Moscow”) – top-level domains (TLDs) intended for Russian capital. Their implementation will make possible to create web-sites with addresses like WWW.COMPANY.MOSCOW and МУЗЕИ.МОСКВА (IDN domain name that can be translated as “MUSEUMS.MOSCOW”).
    Such websites will be definitely associated with Russian capital, and finally it will help to strengthen recognition of the city in the Internet. DotMoscow Project Website   
  • .MOTOROLA(dotMotorola) .BRAND new gTLD Application for Motorola. Project Website
  • .MOVIE(dotMovie) : DotMovie (.MOVIE), the generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Name and TLD Internet/Web Address Extension for official movie-related websites and entities. Like us, share our page with your friends and leave us comments!
  • .MUSIC(dotMusic): .MUSIC (dotMusic) is the exclusive, global community-based Top-Level Domain (TLD) name that gives music entities a unique identity online and a verified industry standard for official music websites. The specialized .MUSIC web address enhances a brand's visibility online. It ensures that .MUSIC websites are associated with a memorable, self-explanatory and trusted badge restricted to the music community: Project Website
  • .NAPLES(dotNaples): Proposed Top Level Domain name for the city of Naples, Italy.
  • .NAI(dotNAI): proposed generic Top Level Domain name for the North American Indigenous Communities(NAI). Project website
  • .NEUSTAR(dotNeustar)  .Brand Top Level Domain Name for Neustar. Neustar eating its own dog food :)
  • .NEWS(dotNews) Top Level Domain Name for News websites. This looks promising and is likely to see healthy domain sales should it see the light of the day
  • .NGO(dotNGO)  .NGO is one of the most promising new gTLD initiatives to have come out of the new gTLD program. The initiatives is being led by PIR, the Registry for .ORG. I'm not sure what factors will differentiate .NGO from .ORG although I know the new gTLD will be strictly for the non profit organizations. Differentiating .NGO from .ORG will be one of the key challenges/tasks for PIR.
  • .NOBLE(dotNoble)  Proposed Top Level Domain for the Nobility? This is just a concept and not a serious new gTLD initiative 
  • .OMAN(dotOman): Proposed IDN generic Top Level Domain for Oman.
  • .ONE(dotOne): .ONE(dotONE) will be the 'activist arm' of the Internet. As the world's first philanthropic top-level domain (TLD), the organization will connect individuals, charities and businesses for one single purpose, to change the world.
  • .P2P(dotp2p): Proposed generic Top Level Domain name for the generic term P2Por Peer to Peer, a common term in computing and networking circles. Project website
  • .PDX(dotPdx): A dotCity Application. Proposed Top Level Domain name for Portland city in the Pacific North Western state of Oregon. PDX is the city code for Portland normally used by IATA amongst other international bodies. The domain for the project website is currently parked
  • .POST(dotPost)
  • .QATAR(dotQatar)
  • .RECIPE (dotRecipe)
  • .REISE(dotReise)
  • .RESTAURANT(dot Restaurant)
  • .RIGA(dotRiga) : Proposed Top Level Domain name for city of Riga, the capital of Latvia.
  • .SCO(dotSCO)
  • .SEATTLE(dotSeattle): Proposed generic Top Level Domain name for Seattle, Washington.
  • .SEOUL(dotSeoul) : Proposed generic Top Level Domain for the South Korean city of Seoul.
  • .SFO(dotSFO) : Proposed generic Top Level Domain name for the city of San Francisco, a .CITY new gTLD application.
  • .SHOP(dotShop) : Proposed new gTLD for eCommerce website by Japan's GMO Registry/GMO Internet
  • .SIC(dotSIC) : Proposed new Top Level Domain for the Székely, a subgroup of the Hungarian people living mostly in the Székely Land, an ethno-cultural region in eastern Transylvania, Romania.
  • .SYD(dotSyd): Proposed new generic Top Level Domain name for the Australian city of Sidney.
  • .SYRIA(dotSyria): Proposed IDN new generic Top Level Domain name for Syria.
  • .TAXI(dotTaxi) : Proposed Top Level Domain for Taxi Operators. This is an interesting concept, millions of taxi operators globally can be targeted but they will be lucky if they can register even 60,000 domain names.
  • .THAILAND(dotThailand) : Proposed Top Level Domain for Thailand(IDN)
  • .TOULOUSE(dotToulouse) : Proposed new generic Top Level Domain name for Toulouse. This will be a city Top Level Domain for Toulouse city in South Western France.
  • .TREE(dotTree) : There is no active new gTLD project/initiative around .TREE(dotTREE) Top Level Domains. It's just one of the new concepts being thrown around, and for those willing to take the risks/gamble with .TREE domains. The idea is that companies can acquire .TREE domain names where they can document tree planting green initiatives. The .TREE Registry then invests the proceeds from registration of domain names and hence the .TREE Registry contributes to millions of trees being planted on our dying planet, courtesy of the Domain Name system. I however think that .TREE concept can be incorporated in other "green" new gTLD initiatives like dorGREEN and dotECO.
  • .TUNISIA(dotTunisia): Proposed IDN Top Level Domain name for Tunisia.
  • .UNICEF(dotUnicef): Proposed new Top Level domain for UNICEF. This will fall under the .BRAND applications? I think United Nations should have applied for an all encompassing new gTLD to host all its vast operations. Something like .UNO ?
  • .USA(dotUSA): Proposed Top Level Domain for the USA. Of course ICANN will not allow this as names for countries and territories are unavailable for application during this new gTLD round.
  • .VAL(dotVal): Proposed Top Level Domain name for the Valencian community and region. The Valencian community is one of Spain's numerous autonomous communities with its capital in Valencia. Project website
  • .VEGAS(dotVegas) Proposed Top Level Domain name for Las Vegas. DotVegas is a city top-level domain enterprise intended to promote Las Vegas as the premier destination in cyberspace as well as in the world.

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