Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nigerian Government Agencies to migrate to .NG ccTLD Domains

Nigerian government ministries, departments and agencies will begin eating their own dog food when they migrate from generic domains to the country's ccTLD .NG as part of the country's drive to "bring all IT-based activities of its agencies and parastatals to a single platform" :

As part of measures by the government to bring all IT-based activities of
its agencies and parastatals to a single platform, the federal government
said it is set to ensure full migration by all its ministries, departments
and agencies from their existing domain names to Nigeria’s Code Top Level
domain name, .ng, both for their websites and official emails.

This means many Nigerian government websites that currently use generic domains like .com .org instead of the country's ccTLD will have migrate to the .NG. This new initiative will see all official channels of communication branded with a .NG ccTLD extension, a sure way to market the ccTLD to the general public. It however appears that many Nigerian government ministries and federal agencies are already using .NG domains but a good number are also on .org.

This move is also part of the country's e-governance plan:
"“Another thing we are looking at is Information and Communications
Technology in government. I can’t stand here and preach to you about the
importance of IT development in the industry without telling you about what
we are doing in government about using ICT as a means of transparently
administering governance and engaging the citizenry,

 For a long time, Nigerian officials have been using free email services such as yahoo and gmail, something I have witnessed many times but now onwards, emails from government officials in Nigerian will have a .GOV.NG ccTLD extension. Still from the Nigerian Minister:
“As I speak today, we are putting in place a message and collaboration
system to facilitate a connected government. All MDAs(government Ministries, Departments and Agencies) will be on
>From next year when you get an email from a government official, it will be
a address. I have already started using mine,”

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