Sunday, January 1, 2012

Domain Pariah .CO.CC back to Google SERPs

5 months ago, Google deindexed the entire namespace and all websites with the were virtually invisible on Google; which means if you hosted your website or blog on a domain, chances were that 65% of web users would not find you. Of course this is a rough statistic based on Google's market share and does not factor in the fact that your traffic could also be social media driven.

.CO.CC was a freehost, meaning you could register domains for free. It operated like Tokelau's .TK registry which is currently the third largest ccTLD namespace in the world but allows a maximum of 2 domains for free and it costs $10 to register 100 domains. The was deindexed after it was determined that there was a huge amount of spam blogs, "splogs", in the namespace so Google decided to take a drastic action on the freehost and swept away some 11 million websites.

I'm not sure what steps .CO.CC took to be removed from the "axis of evil" but at least legitimate users of can smile once again. But why should you use for a serious blog or business anyway???

.cc is the ccTLD of Cocos Islands.

You can view websites here

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