Monday, January 2, 2012

.PW : The "Corporate ccTLD"?

You probably have never heard of the .PW ccTLD but it's the country code top level domain name for Palau, an Island nation in the Pacific. I wonder what innovative uses domainers and internet users could have implemented on a .PW domain but it won't be available as the entire .PW ccTLD namespace has been licensed to India's Directi which also runs the domain companies Big Rock, Reseller Club domain reseller business, domain registry and registrar solutions company  Logic Boxes amongst others.

Directi will use the .PW ccTLD namespace to host products and services for end users. There are virtually no .PW websites indexed by Google and the only .PW website I have accessed is this one

.PW was an interesting choice and definitely the first "corporate ccTLD" whose namespace is licensed entirely to one company instead of web users. Maybe GM could also go for Gambia's .GM too on the same terms. Five years since Direct acquired .PW, we are still waiting to see the range of products and services that they will introduce to the .PW namespace and the entire web.

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