Monday, January 2, 2012

Phnum : Domains Registrar introduces Global Phone Number Registrations

Your Local Phone Number Worldwide
Domain Registrar Instra Corporation has introduced a service called Phnum that allows you to register phone numbers globally and then redirect them to a single number globally. Using the Phnum technology, the service can redirect phone calls from any of the globally registered phone numbers to a your Home, Office, Mobile / Cell or VoIP phone.

It is an interesting service and particularly useful for business with global operations which want to establish a "local presence" in various countries. Suppose you are based in Cape Town but with global clients, using Phnum's technology, you can register local phone numbers in any country thus giving you customers an impression of a local presence/contact details when they would like to get in touch with you. What's more, your customers or family will only pay local rates to call you from anywhere in the world. No additional equipment is required to start using PhNUM as the technology is device independent.

 This is interesting as it's an innovation that replicates the model of the domain name system that allows users to register almost any domain in the world(in theory) from just about anywhere. It's a mobile version of the DNS in my opinion and will contribute to making the world more connected and global players in business can once again appear more local. Learn more about Instra Corporation's revolutionary Phnum service

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