Monday, June 20, 2011

Where to buy the Cheapest .CO Domain Names

.CO has been a hot property on the web in the last few months; selling like hot cakes. Last week I was shopping for .CO Domain names and as always, I was looking for super bargain offers. I wanted to buy four .CO domain names and I was crossing my fingers hoping for a registrar that would offer a .CO for under $10.  It turned that was wishful thinking...
 I went to the Opportunity.CO website and listed all the .CO accredited registrars and then I began my widow shopping: Here are the .CO prices amongst various registrars. Noteb that some registrars may add some little frills but apart from that, the costs virtually reflect the cost of a .co domain:
  1. GoDaddy                        $10.99
  2.  Network Solutions          $11.99
  3.  Domain.Com                  $12.99
  4.  1&1                               $14.99
  5.  eNom                            $19.95
  6.                      $27.99
  7.  Hover                            $30.00
  8.                 $40.00

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