Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Ideas for African ccTLDs: Singapore's I love .SG National Day 2011 Promotion

This month, August, Singapore was celebrating its 46th Independence anniversary and to cap the joyful occasion, the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) has been offering the .SG domains for only $3.90 per domain. The offer ends on August 31st. It's time to express national pride and what better way to express the pride in your nation than by registering your country's ccTLD domain? But of course it should be at the right price. Almost every month, African nations celebrate their "independence" from former colonial masters.
This should be a chance for ccTLD registry operators bring those unforgettable "independence domain offers" to ensure a majority of its citizens claim a piece of country on the internet! So instead of African ccTLDs selling domain names at those expensive prices, this is the time to give $5, $7 or $10 offers for domain names. It contributes a lot to the growth and popularity of the ccTLD and the nation's internet economy.

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