Saturday, August 27, 2011

Register .BI Burundi Domain Names

The .BI ccTLD domain for the nation of Burundi which just emerged from a  dark chapter of civil war and mass killings is  managed by CNI, Le Centre National de l'Informatique (acronym: CNI). CNI started its operations in 1973 as a computer parastatal corporation under supervision of the ministry of Finance.

In 1978, the company was given management autonomy, and was committed to develop the computer business nationwide for the public as well as for the private sectors. Within the framework of the privatisation and structural adjustment policy initiated by the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund), CNI was taken over in 1993 by a private group of Burundi shareholders.

CNI, headed by Victor Ciza, is the pioneer of Internet in Burundi and has actively participated in the internet activities in Africa and worldwide. In 2002, CNI negotiated and obtained from ICANN a redelegation of the Burundi country code top level domain .BI. from the US based Network Startup Resource Center. Today, CNI is the sponsoring organization of .BI and the Manager of its Registry.

.BI Accredited Registrars

NOTE: Restrictions in the .BI namespace: Names in the .BI ccTLD namespace containing any pornographic, sexual or racist words such as sex, sexo, porn, porno, gay, lesbian, etc. Also, domain names like are not permitted. If you register and pay for any domain names which fall under the restricted category, the .BI registry will not activate them and your money will not be refunded.So watch out!

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