Thursday, November 17, 2011

GoDaddy's new Blogger DNS Setup Tool for Custom Domains!!

If you are not tech inclined and has had an issue updating your DNS records with your registrars to point to your Blogger .blogspot blog, then GoDaddy has a cute little tool for you. Innovation in the registrar business is what drives growth in the number of registrations.

GoDaddy realizes that there are hundreds of millions of blogs on Blogger. These blogs are hosted on a .blogspot second level domain, a tag many a beginner would like to get rid of once they have mastered a few basic tips on customizing the look of their blog and adding a few apps and tools like Global Translators, calendars, Twitterstream etc.

One thing the beginner, the non tech inclined who love blogging will not master easily is updating their DNS records. Often it's as simple as adding IP addresses and configuring your CNAME to point your domain to Blogger.

The GoDaddy tool will help you link your Blogger blog to your custom domain. Just go to the GoDaddy Blogger DNS Setup site, and sign in with your account information. You'll then see a page where you can enter the URL you own which you want to point to Blogger. The URL can either be a domain ( or a subdomain ( All you have to is enter domain, click submit and voila! Go back to Blogger and add your custom domain or subdomain and your blog is up in seconds! In your own custom domain....without the .blogspot! It's the first step in creating your online brand identity. Simple tools that keep us going to GoDaddy!

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